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Our Services

We are global trade compliance consultants with expertise to manage the regulatory compliance challenges faced by importers and exporters globally. Our global network of compliance and security structure provides a worldwide footprint to ensure proactive management of all trade compliance topics inclusive but not limited to the following;

  • Import Regulatory Compliance Management

  • Export Compliance and Facilitation Controls

  • HTS Classification Management and Line Reviews

  • C-TPAT Program Application and Web Portal Management

  • Foreign Security Site Reviews for C-TPAT compliance

  • Customs Valuation Experts

  • Customs Brokerage License Preparation Training

  • Border Tax Management

  • Free Trade Agreement Eligibility and Verification Management

  • Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Compliance Specialist

  • In-house Training on Trade Compliance Management

  • Incoterms 2010/2020 management ICC Master Certification

  • Duty Drawback Management Experts and Process Facilitation

  • Foreign Trade Zone Application and Implementations

  • Revenue Recovery Management Specialist

  • Supply Chain Sustainability Management

  • Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty Management

  • Social Compliance Responsibility Global Management

  • Supplier Compliance Site Assessments

Customs Brokerage License Preparation

We offer our clients dedicated training platform to prepare for the Customs Brokers License examination in various training formats

  • Formal class training in a group setting

  • Distance learning format as web based training

  • One-on-One formal training and education


Our classes are designed to prepare each student to prepare for the Customs Brokerage Examination that is administered twice per year by Customs and Border Protection.

We focus on the areas of required knowledge to pass the examination. We train each student on the reference management skills related to the Customs Federal Regulations, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States and related Customs Directives referenced as resources for the examination.

We explain process test taking management skill sets inclusive of time management, direct regulatory reference, and familiarization with test taking skills to complement the students efforts to master the examination process.

Our passing percentage is the highest in the nation as we dedicate a minimum of four months to preparedness which is evidence in our results!

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism-C-TPAT Management

Our consulting team is dedicated C-TPAT industry experts that provide services related to C-TPAT applications, annual security assessments, 5 step risk assessments, foreign site security audits and domestic security assessment reviews. Additionally, our staff manages off site web portal management to ensure that your SVI responses, and security profile information remains in good standing as well as your ability to monitor global security activity as part of your commitment to the industry partnership group of CBP/

Global Trade Compliance Management

Our team of professionals conducts onsite and offsite compliance assessment gap analysis for the identification of potential or existing compliance risk factors with an emphasis on corrective action implementation.

Our gap analysis reviews focus on discovery, recommendations and process improvement to eliminate compliance risks to minimal levels while ensuring the facilitation of your global supply chain process.

Our trade compliance practices are inclusive of import and export trade activities for global purchases and sales to ensure that financial risks are minimized to the greatest extent possible.

Incoterms Management

We are master certified trainers in the Incoterms 2010 platform that certifies us to consult and present on behalf of the International Chamber of Commerce in areas that directly related to sourcing, compliance and customs formalities responsibilities, liability transfer from the seller to the buyer and cost management advisory services.

HTSUS Line Reviews

We perform onsite and offsite HTSUS line reviews to assess the correctness of information being declared by importers and exporters relative to the HTS or Schedule B classifications of internationally sourced or sold goods. Our experts average over 20 years of experience in HTS classification determinations and binding ruling preparations and reviews.

Anti-Dumping/Countervailing Duty Consultations

We work closely with US importers and foreign suppliers to manage existing and new ADD/CVD case investigations and formal responses to imposition of additional duties for import commodities. We work with importers to educate them on the investigations to determine the existence of ADD/CVD rate structure implementation on their imported goods due to the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act.

Free Trade Agreement Verification's

We conduct verifications of eligibility of Free Trade Agreements from many countries into the US such as NAFTA, US –Australia FTA, US-Colombia FTA, US-Singapore FTA and many more.   Our experts review factory sourced information and eligibility requirements of the FTA origin rules inclusive of tariff shift rules for eligibility.  Our process included in depth review of HTS to determine that they are accurate to determine the FTA origin status.

Social Compliance Verification Management

Our group of qualified global consultants conduct social compliance reviews of business partner relationships to determine verifications of foreign supplier concurrence with social compliance execution.  Our team conducts foreign site visits worldwide to serve and represent written affirmation beyond mere checklist that your suppliers have adequate social compliance practices in place to avoid the issuance of costly fines and penalties to the importers of record.

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