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About US

The Alston Group is an international trade compliance, facilitation and global security consulting firm that specializes in consultations, education and training, informed compliance information transfer and global trade world class practices through our premiere trade compliance consulting services.

Founded in 1995, the Alston Group has over 20 years of trade compliance and facilitation experience providing current and forecast business implementation strategies to companies in an effort to protect the financial interest of participants of the international trade arena.

Our team of professionals consists of licensed customs brokers, global transportation professionals, legal department representatives, finance professionals, revenue recovery experts and regulatory subject matter professionals to enable our firm to execute consulting services from end to end in the global supply chain space.

Unique Professional Platform


Our expertise in areas such as foreign to foreign trade activity and supply chain lanes to and from the United States sets us apart from any perceived competitors as a unique professional platform with expertise to compliment supply chains from fortune 500 through mid-sized and small companies seeking cost effective expertise that will remain a business partner to ensure the sustainability of your global trade activity.

We are trade consultant trainers and process implementation specialist that execute the advice that we impart to our clients.

Global Trade Compliance Management

Our team of professionals conducts onsite and offsite compliance assessment gap analysis for the identification of potential or existing compliance risk factors with an emphasis on corrective action implementation.

Our gap analysis reviews focus on discovery, recommendations and process improvement to eliminate compliance risks to minimal levels while ensuring the facilitation of your global supply chain process.

Our trade compliance practices are inclusive of import and export trade activities for global purchases and sales to ensure that financial risks are minimized to the greatest extent possible.

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