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RGR Refrigerated Warehouse has created a niche global logistics service offerings that compliments the needs of in bond goods handling, temperature-controlled storage and facilitation for the Miami International Airport needs inclusive of all business entities conducting business in the region.

Our unique Foreign Trade Zone capabilities includes the service of a cool room temperature-controlled storage for the CBD and Cannabis industry needs. We are trained is customized services inclusive of cannabis storage of approved and non-approved products and paraphernalia, sample shipments requiring THC testing in the US, and cross dock transfers under the approved process of status designation merchandise in the US.

We understand the needs of the Cannabis industry to have access to meet the needs of a secure facility based on the principles of FTZ security requirements, FDA registered warehouse and facilitation space ready for product integrity management in a proximity to the airport area.

Our warehouse is minutes from Miami International Airport.

We would like to speak to one of your key management representatives regarding this niche service offering and how it can compliment your needs in the Miami area.

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